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Reindeer hunting

Reindeer hunting in Greenland

Reindeer in Greenland - Icelandic hunting club

The Reindeer in South – Greenland are a mixture of the original Greenland Caribou and Reindeer that were imported from Norway around 1900. By SCI they are categorised as ”Reindeer introduced” for North-America.

We offer summer and fall hunting only in South – Greenland. All travel goes via Iceland and staying overnight in Iceland is often necessary.  We offer 6-7 days trips with 2-5 hunting days, depending on the number of hunters. Our area is the only one in Greenland, producing SCI gold medal trophies.

Reindeer hunting in Greenland

The Hunt
We scout for trophies by sailing along the coast in a 30-40 feet boat with a warm and comfortable cabin. When a trophy is spotted, we go to shore in a smaller open boat, to stalk and further evaluate the trophy. This is repeated until we have found a good old trophy bull that the client is happy with.

There are both steep and flat coastal areas.  Hunters can most often choose how hard terrain they want to deal with. We are the only outfitter in Greenland, working in an area, where you do not nesseccarily have to be very fit and walk your ass off.

Reindeer hunting in GreenlandSeason
Reindeer hunting August 1st – September 20th

Food & Accommodation
We operate from Hotel Narsaq. This is the best hotel in the town of Narsaq. No tent camps, no outdoor toilets. We offer 3 meals per day, snacks, soft drinks.

Other activities
Free time after trophies have been harvested can be spent sightseeing, hunting seals, sea angling or fishing for Arctic char. We will provide a 22LR rifle and fishing tackle at no extra cost. An extra Reindeer trophy can also be considered.

Please send us an email for more details and prices.


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